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Yoga Nidra - Yoga for the Mind

‘Just relax!’ So easy to say, so hard to do…without a little help. And that’s exactly what Yoga Nidra from Yoga for the Mind can do. It can help you to relax , help you to sleep and help you to reduce stress . It can help you be calm in a frantic world. It can help you find more energy for all the things you need to do…and want to do. And it’s all about you. Each relaxation CD is personalized - with your name in the audio, on the disc and cover. It’s a personalized gift just for you.

Yoga Nidra is a special kind of yoga that focuses solely on relaxation - specifically ‘guided relaxation’. If you have attended yoga classes, you may have experienced something a little like it if your teacher has asked you to lie down and to listen to their voice while they talk you through visualizations for example. Although this doesn’t take you as ‘deep’ as Yoga Nidra, for many, it is still the highlight of their yoga session - guided relaxation is a wonderful, calming experience.

Yoga Nidra is like having meditation done for you.

It literally means ‘awareness sleep’ and relies on the teacher’s voice to take your mind away from all the stresses and challenges in your life, and to help you achieve a deep and rejuvenating rest. And its real beauty is that you can do it at home. Thanks to the Yoga for the Mind CD, your teacher is available whenever you want!

A personalized Yoga Nidra CD makes a unique gift for mum, for your sister, lover or friend. And it's a gift that will make a difference to their lives; it will help them to sleep, help them to relax and help them to make time to focus on themselves. It's gift that will keep on giving pleasure for years.

Yoga for the Mind was created by Sheena O’Beirne and Peter Barnes

Sheena is a yoga teacher and naturopath who has found yoga nidra of enormous benefit to her patients, friends and family

Peter is an Associate of the London College of Music

Both are authors, published by Penguin

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