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Rachel McLish Beauty and Fitness Festival

Rachel McLish, America’s pre-eminent fitness icon, World Champion bodybuilder, actor, body wear designer, and best-selling author, is preparing to launch the world’s premier beauty and fitness event staged at the Mirage Casino-Hotel in Las Vegas, Columbus Day Weekend, October 7th-10th, 2010…The Rachel McLish Beauty and Fitness Festival

The Festival will include an expo, a symposium, seminars, a 5K for charity, parties, receptions, celebrities, entertainment, and the event highlight… The Rachel Challenge, an amazing opportunity for fit, beautiful women to break into the entertainment industry. Do you have what it takes to win a part in a movie? That’s The Rachel Challenge!

The Rachel Challenge

The Rachel Challenge is a unique expression of physical excellence and beauty. To be the winner of the Rachel Challenge means that you have embraced a fitness lifestyle that is reflected in your entire essence. Your health, your vibrancy, your attitude, your posture, your walk, your demeanor, your manner of speaking, and your figure will determine your overall fitness beauty and perhaps that indefinable quality that all stars have…charisma.

The Rachel Challenge is not a physique contest. There is no title to be won. There is no organization to join, or be a member of. It is an open invitation to challenge the ‘best of the best’ of fitness buffs, athletes, models, dancers, personal trainers, and instructors across America. The Challenge is not exclusively about how defined, sexy, or muscular you are. The Challenge is to express how your fitness philosophy/regimen is superior by evidence of your physical presence; while part two of the Challenge will involve taking a screen test that will be evaluated by entertainment industry professionals.

If you are passionate about your fitness lifestyle, here is your opportunity to show the world, on stage, at the Mirage Casino-Hotel in Las Vegas why you should be the one to walk away with $25,000.00 and a chance for a part in a movie or television series.

Festival Fitness Expo

Multiple stages with non-stop action, interesting displays, giveaways, demonstrations, seminars, celebrity autograph/photo opportunities, and the Preliminary Rounds of the Rachel Challenge… the Festival Expo will provide you and your company with a variety of entertainment and new product experiences during the Festival Weekend.

Vendors don’t miss this opportunity to maximize the exposure of your product to your target audience at the Expo. Take advantage of our world class marketing team at the helm of the upcoming publicity campaign in all media including newspapers, TV, radio, internet, live feeds, and magazines to insure thousands of motivated beauty and fitness-minded attendees to observe and test your product during the three days of the Festival Expo.

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