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Introducing Alli's Slim Pickins

FINALLY! ... A protein muffin! Want a change from drinking protein shakes and eating the same old protein bars? Want to sink your teeth into something mouth-watering and satisfying without ruining your waistline?

Introducing Alli’s Slim Pickins : 100% Taste, 0% Guilt...

"Give your taste buds the workout of their life!"

People love muffins – why not make them healthy? Each Muffin contains 16g of Protein as well as 7g of essential fatty acids (EFA's).

Diet. The very word sends chills down your spine. From the moment you commit to eating that last pastry to the moment you vow never to eat another piece of asparagus, the devilish delights and memories of mom’s home cooking seem to linger around just as the scent of those baked goods did in her kitchen.

But the sacrifices you make to achieve or maintain the body you possess seem too important to indulge yourself in such a tasty delight. Every dieter or competitor worries about falling off the bandwagon; but such guilt should never deprive you of such happiness. Should it? Well, then…

Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities!

100% Taste 0% Guilt... Don’t be the last to get your hands on one…or a dozen!

From Alli's Slim Pickins owner Allison Frahm:

"As the CEO of Slim Pickins, my goal is to bring you nutritious, protein-packed muffins that will not only bring you back to those days of mom's cooking, but also allow you to work towards and build upon that ever-so important physique without sacrificing taste. Nutritionally-packed with plenty of EFA's and protein, these muffins usher in a new meaning to home cooking!"

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