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Jump Higher With Comprehensive Vertical Jump Training by Jacob Miller



Vertical Jump Affiliate program

The Jump Manual: Jump higher with comprehensive vertical jump training by Jacob Hiller.

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The Jump Manual provides dedicated athletes with the safest and most effective means of maximizing vertical explosion potential.

Who is Jacob Hiller?

Jacob Hiller has been involved in vertical jump training for over 10 years. Jacob developed The Jump Manual, a concise guide to comprehensive vertical jump training. He has trained and consulted athletes and coaches from high school, college, NBA to international Olympic athletes. After achieving a 44 inch vertical for himself, Hiller developed methods to systematically exceed 40 inches in vertical jump abilty by implementing his multi-faceted explosion training.


Where is Jacob Hiller now? Jacob is currently on tour coaching and speaking about his training methods and has already visited 22 countries, and trained in 4 different languages.

How did Jump Manual get started?

Jacob began using The Jump Manual in 2004 to personally train athletes. Many students were producing gains quickly, and some students gained more than 20 inches on their running vertical leap. Jacob was encouraged publishing the manual as local buzz increased about the training and local athletes witnessed the results. The Jump Manual has been available online since February 08 and is attracting a significant user base. Testimonials and thank you emails are received almost daily.

Hillerís success prompted Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Menís Health, Fadeaway Magazine and many other prominent organizations to interview and publish Hillerís articles.

Whatís next?

It is Jacobís mission to change the face of vertical jump training so that every dedicated athlete can have access to effective, and safe vertical jump training to the extent that any athlete can reach their maximum explosion potential (MEP). Jacob supports further research for safer and more effective training methods, and has been recognized by many athletes and coaches internationally as an authority on vertical jump training.

Hiller is currently making investments into explosive exercise research using state of the art equipment. He is now able to get more data on the human movement and the effects of exercises than ever before and use it to perfect his methods.

For more information - The Jump Manual

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