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Rallis Olive Oil - Premium Ice Pressed RAW Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Olive oil has been consumed for at least over 5,000 years and has been considered by many civilizations to be a Gift from God. This is due to both, its unparalleled flavor and its medicinal qualities.

Much of the Olive oil available on the market today however has been over processed and as a result, maintains very little of these qualities. But this is not the case with Organic Ice Pressed Rallis Olive Oil, which is a true reflection of the amazing taste and nutrient profile of the olive oil consumed hundreds and thousands of years ago. A truly superior Superfood.

Rallis Olive Oil is a premium, raw, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil; pressed completely in the absence of heat (Ice Pressed within 12 hours of hand harvesting, from superior category early harvest olives - the results, a near flawless acidity of 0.1% and an unbelievably “refreshing” raw, olive taste!

You are invited to try this Superfood, in it’s original state, grown and packaged directly from the farmer... all done by hand.

The Mission of Rallis Olive Oil is to recreate a healing food of the highest biological value. To reconnect with the an ancient land and its people. To help build a sustainable farming model that supports the earth and helps heal those living on it.

Rallis Olive Oil was the Gourmet Food Awards 2011 Dual Winner (Best Olive Oil, Best Raw Food), Los Angeles, CA

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