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MANIA Fitness Convention Gains New Sponsor for 2011


Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ Becomes an Associate Sponsor of SCW Fitness Education

Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ and SCW Fitness Education Increase Innovative Educational and Marketing Opportunities for Fitness Professionals

Danville, CA, January 13, 2011 - Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ is pleased to announce an alliance with SCW Fitness Education as an associate sponsor and presenter at every MANIA fitness convention throughout 2011. SCW Fitness Education offers a variety of high-quality fitness instructor education programs including Specialty Certificates, home-study programs, MANIA fitness conventions and products ranging from Pregnancy to Pilates and Aquatics to Aging.

In a collaborative effort, the two organizations will collaborate to offer increased continuing education and specialty certificate opportunities for certified fitness professionals and attendees of SCW MANIA fitness conventions.

Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ was developed to provide participants a fun and effective cardiovascular and sculpting workout that utilizes the basic moves of dance, while also combining aerobic and body sculpting elements to create a workout that uses fun as the prime motivator for behavioral change.

“Dance tops the charts in popular group fitness programming, but it is difficult to find or create a sassy, hip-hop style fitness class that is also an intense workout,” said creator of Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™, Cori Ann Lentz. “Fitness members want fun classes that also provide intense results. Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ fuses dance, exhilarating athletic drills, and sassy body sculpting moves to create a fun, edgy, and extremely intense workout.”

In addition to a new exercise format, Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ has also created powerful marketing and business development programs for fitness managers and club owners designed to increase retention rates, increase referrals, and grow membership. “By utilizing the marketing programs offered through Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™, fitness managers are not only adding an exciting new class to their group exercise schedule, they are also driving guest traffic, membership sales, and group fitness participation. We are revolutionizing both group fitness and club operations.”

Research has shown that serving more members in groups drastically improves retention and referrals. Innovative programs like Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ are expected to generate more referrals, allowing fitness facilities to service more members and maximize space while improving profits and retention.

“SCW Fitness Education has always worked with some of the fitness industry’s most recognized personalities, programs, and educators,” said Sara Kooperman, CEO of SCW Fitness Education. “We are excited to welcome Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ as an associate sponsor at SCW MANIA Fitness Conventions in Boston, Philadelphia, Florida, California,  Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago”

Fitness professionals and enthusiasts can experience Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ at these fitness conventions, workshops and expos:

Northern California SAN RAMON VALLEY FITNESS | Jan. 16, 2011
Los Angeles L.A. FITNESS EXPO | Jan. 29-30, 2011
Philadelphia SCW MANIA | Feb. 25-27, 2011
Northern California SCW MANIA | March 25-27, 2011
Northern California SAN RAMON VALLEY FITNESS | April 2, 2011
Florida SCW MANIA | May 13-15, 2011
Atlanta SCW MANIA | July 29 – 31, 2011
Los Angeles IDEA WORLD FITNESS CONVENTION | August 11-14, 2011
Dallas SCW MANIA | August 26-28, 2011
Midwest SCW MANIA | October 14-16, 2011
Boston SCW MANIA | November 10-12, 2011


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