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Live Well International

Live Well International is a wellness, training and leadership development company with clients and Live Well Coaches in nine countries.

They are a growing family of entrepreneurial women and men who are committed to enhancing the health and prosperity of our clients all over the world. Our mission is focused on inspiring and empowering others to transform their lives and to really live the life they want. Our members "walk the talk" and believe that what we do every day should be healthy, fun, fulfilling and rewarding.

Their Memberships and Trainings are open to anyone that is looking to learn more about or incorporate the Live Well Systems into their current business.

Their Philosophy & Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality lifestyle programs, products and education for our clients around the world.

To provide an effective business model for Team Live Well and Certified Live Well Coaches with valuable coaching, training, and business development programs.

Above all, to inspire, teach and embody The Art of Balanced Living.

Their Wellness Business Model
Their Members are individuals who have partnered with Live Well as a Training & Leadership Development Company to create a part or full-time income utilizing Live Well's successful Wellness Business Model and training systems. These individuals working with Live Well position the Industry's Leading Product Company as their Product Partner, Dr. Ray Strand as their Medical Partner and Live Well International as their Training Partner. The product company supplies the highest-quality products on the market, Dr. Ray Strand supplies the clinically proven, science-based health programs and Live Well supplies the wellness business and leadership training.

Who Are Clients?

Their clients come from different backgrounds all wanting the same thing optimal health.

Their clients include weight loss seekers, world class athletes, parents wanting to instill good habits in children, business travelers looking for healthy & convenient options, and individuals wanting to increase energy, improve health parameters, or simply go from good to great!.

Who Are Members?
Their members are individuals partnering with Live Well International to create a part- or full-time income using the Live Well Systems, Trainings, and Business Development Model; from the mom wanting to make a little extra income to the well-known Medical Doctor integrating our programs into his or her existing practice.

Other examples of members include entrepreneurs, business owners, chiropractors, nutritionists, Pilates, yoga and fitness instructors, life and sport coaches, massage therapists, acupuncturists and wellness practitioners who want to enhance their practices with the Live Well Programs and products.

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